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Gilles Dauvé

Crime as Reality and Representation

« Expect strong language, sexual scenes and violence throughout. »  (TV warning)

On the "woman question"

Too Marxist for a feminist ? Too feminist for a Marxist ? Or not enough… ? Best see for yourself.

An A to Z of communisation

"Communisation": a concept too obscure ? or too radical chic ? For those who wish to know more, this mind-map may help.

Karl Nesic (1945-2016)

Un autre regard sur le communisme et son devenir

L’Harmattan, 1996 (extraits)

Federici versus Marx

"Caliban & the Witch" is interesting history, poor theory and objectionable politics.

Crisis of Civilization

Historical crises are crises of reproduction. What are the present class contradictions leading to ?

The Dubious Virtues of Propaganda: Ken Loach's "Land & Freedom"

How propaganda works, illustrated by Ken Loach's film on the Spanish civil war.

Value, Labour Time & Communism: Re-Reading Marx (2014)

A few abstract notions - value, work, time, labour time and productivity - indicate what we wish to change in this world.

The Continuing Appeal of Religion (2006)

1: Religion is far from dead. 2: No communist perspective without a critique of religion. 3 :Now, WHAT critique ?

Zone de tempête (sur la crise advenue) 2009

 "La crise" résumée en 2009 et en moins de 3.500 mots.