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Classe, identité de classe - class, class identity

Peace Is War

"The main enemy of every people is in their own country." (Karl Liebknecht, 1915)

Chaotic World Map

Your Place or Mine ? A 21st Century Essay on (Same)Sex

A 21st Century Essay on (Same)Sex

Interviewing the author of a book on a class analysis of sexuality, homosexuality, gay and Lesbian struggles, the LGBT+ community, gender, identity... and identity politics.

Theory of the Proletariat : A History

Contains upsetting scenes of an explicit theoretical nature. May not be suitable for all radicals.

Illustre le texte  : Theory of the Proletariat : A History

Révolution en Iran ?

Islam, femmes & prolétariat en 1979 

(À propos d'un livre récent)

Illustre le texte : Révolution en Iran

Yellow, Red, Tricolour, or: Class & People

or: Class & People

Yellow Vests: When proletarian resistance takes the form of a people’s movement.

Jaune, rouge, tricolore, ou : Classe & peuple

ou : Classe & peuple

Gilets jaunes : Résistance prolétarienne, mais mouvement populaire

Impasse des rêves

White Riot, 1922 : Class & Race in 20th century South Africa

Class & Race in 20th century South Africa

When proletarians fight for “class” and “race”, what is left of the meaning of each ?

Se défaire du travail

Un détour par Marx (et le marxisme), pour comprendre le travail, la valeur, le capitalisme... et le communisme.

On the "woman question"

Too Marxist for a feminist ? Too feminist for a Marxist ? Or not enough… ? Best see for yourself.

An A to Z of communisation

"Communisation": a concept too obscure ? or too radical chic ? For those who wish to know more, this mind-map may help.