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Gilles Dauvé

On the "woman question"

Too Marxist for a feminist ? Too feminist for a Marxist ? Or not enough… ? Best see for yourself.

An A to Z of communisation

"Communisation": a concept too obscure ? or too radical chic ? For those who wish to know more, this mind-map may help.

Karl Nesic (1945-2016)

Un autre regard sur le communisme et son devenir

L’Harmattan, 1996 (extraits)

Federici versus Marx

"Caliban & the Witch" is interesting history, poor theory and objectionable politics.

Crisis of Civilization

Historical crises are crises of reproduction. What are the present class contradictions leading to ?

The Dubious Virtues of Propaganda: Ken Loach's "Land & Freedom"

How propaganda works, illustrated by Ken Loach's film on the Spanish civil war.

Value, Labour Time & Communism: Re-Reading Marx (2014)

A few abstract notions - value, work, time, labour time and productivity - indicate what we wish to change in this world.

The Continuing Appeal of Religion (2006)

1: Religion is far from dead. 2: No communist perspective without a critique of religion. 3 :Now, WHAT critique ?

Zone de tempête (sur la crise advenue) 2009

 "La crise" résumée en 2009 et en moins de 3.500 mots.

The Bitter Victory of Councilism (2014)

Some basic councilist tenets have been incorporated within dominant ideas, because they were based on historical limits, and it is these limits that we must comprehend