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Rojava : Reality & Rhetoric (2015)

When people take matters into their own hands in order to survive, they open up the possibility of social change. But...

The Dubious Virtues of Propaganda: Ken Loach's "Land & Freedom"

Ken Loach's "Land & Freedom"

How propaganda works, illustrated by Ken Loach's film on the Spanish civil war.

The Continuing Appeal of Religion (2006)

1: Religion is far from dead. 2: No communist perspective without a critique of religion. 3 :Now, WHAT critique ?

The Bitter Victory of Councilism (2014)

Some basic councilist tenets have been incorporated within dominant ideas, because they were based on historical limits, and it is these limits that we must comprehend

What's It All About ? Questions & Answers (2007)

Answers to a questionnaire on crucial issues : democracy, crisis, class, the Jewish question, revolutionary activity, riots, need and desire...

When Insurrections Die (1998)

Democracy, fascism and anti-fascism in the light of the 1917-37 period.

Letter to "Aufheben" on fascism/anti-fascism (1997)

A reply to three often asked questions on fascism/anti-fascism

Communisation (English version) (2011)

 Is it a programme ? A novelty ? Will there be a transition period ? What about violence and the destruction of the State ? Daily life ? Money ? And the after-dinner critic ?

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Autonomy (2008)

Democracy is a contradiction: it pretends to give and guarantee something essential which inevitably evades it.