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White Riot, 1922 : Class & Race in 20th century South Africa

Class & Race in 20th century South Africa

When proletarians fight for “class” and “race”, what is left of the meaning of each ?

Rojava : Reality & Rhetoric (2015)

When people take matters into their own hands in order to survive, they open up the possibility of social change. But...

Demain, orage. Essai sur une crise qui vient (2007)

La mondialisation, fausse solution à la crise sociale de 1960-80. En 2007, analyse d'un ensemble de "paramètres" dont la conjonction conduisait à la crise éclatée la même année.


Call of the Void (2003)

Is there anything common between the invasion of Iraq, the Afghan disorder, the implosion of Argentina in 2001-2002, resurging mass protests, etc. ?