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council communism

Theory of the Proletariat : A History

Contains upsetting scenes of an explicit theoretical nature. May not be suitable for all radicals.

Illustre le texte  : Theory of the Proletariat : A History

Value, Labour Time & Communism: Re-Reading Marx (2014)

Re-Reading Marx (2014)

A few abstract notions - value, work, time, labour time and productivity - indicate what we wish to change in this world.

The Bitter Victory of Councilism (2014)

Some basic councilist tenets have been incorporated within dominant ideas, because they were based on historical limits, and it is these limits that we must comprehend

What's It All About ? Questions & Answers (2007)

Answers to a questionnaire on crucial issues : democracy, crisis, class, the Jewish question, revolutionary activity, riots, need and desire...

The Worker Revolution and Beyond (2003)

What the German Communist Left attempted to do in the years that followed 1917 still matters to us, especially the "class" and "working class" issue.

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Autonomy (2008)

Democracy is a contradiction: it pretends to give and guarantee something essential which inevitably evades it.

Back to the Situationist International (2000)

"Spectacle", "councils", "situation"... A short assessment of the SI's contribution to revolution.